Centralized vacuum systems

Zentralvakuum (erweitert)

Provides 50+ hopper loaders with suction air for vacuum conveying systems. Generation of underpressure according to requirement for material throughputs of over 6to/h in film extrusion.

Compatible with any conveying system or hopper loader brand.

Drastic reduction of energy cost and maintenance expenses allow to make return on investment feasible within 2 years.

Practical experiences confirm higher reliability compared to single conveying units.

Sytem can be placed outside of actual production, according to convenience.

Pneumatic suction conveying

Within  manufacturing of the plastics industry the use of vacuum conveying systems for the transportation of the plastic resin to the processing machine is widely accepted. Using a centralized vacuum system increases the profitability of these installations significantly.


A permanent underpressure regulation automatically causes an adaption of the conveying air volume to the necessary amount by means of a frequency control and switching on and off of there multiple blowers. This mode of operation reduces installed power and energy cost significantly.
The maintenance expenses are far lower than compared to installations with single conveying units. Furthermore is the centralized reuse of the excess heat from the blower exhausts possible.

Production safety

The parallel operation in the whole suction system without limitation is a typical feature of our technology. Loss of production is precluded by means of a rolling stand-by blower.

Clean Solution

By off-production placement of a centralized vacuum system with rotary blowers pollution is eliminated from the work space, neither by noise nor dusty or oily exhaust air. In addition the central filtration with dust collection bins reduces the dust contamination in the production area significantly.

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Zentralvakuum (erweitert)
Zentralvakuum Konzell
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  • Extensive planning
  • Total supply and installation
  • Commissioning
  • Regular maintenance
  • Complete conveying system, incl. assembly